by Alvaro Saar Rios

Theatre Nuevo with Mustard Seed Theatre

Directed by Anna Skidis-Vargas

“Nana Lupita”

Talkin' Broadway | Richard Green

Luchadora! is narrated by Nana Lupita, played by the glowing Carmen Garcia, up on a balcony-like platform: she tells the story of her “coming of age” to her earnest (but also secretive) granddaughter, nicely played by Isabel Garcia.”

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KDHX | Tina Farmer

“Carmen Garcia is sweet and sassy as Nana Lupita and Isabel Garcia is spot on as American teen Vanessa, guardedly revealing her insecurity and desires to her much loved grandmother. The connection between the two feels deep and genuine.”

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Ladue News | Mark Bretz

“Carmen Garcia radiates warmth and wisdom as Nana Lupita, who reveals to her aspiring boxer granddaughter her own youthful determination.”

Theatre Limelight | Lynn Venhaus

“Lupita’s story is told in a series of flashbacks, framed by a conversation between Vanessa (Isabel Garcia) and Nana Lupita (Carmen Garcia), set in modern Milwaukee.”

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