In the Heights

music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Abuela Claudia

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Directed by Christina Rios | Musical Direction by Leah Luciano | Choreography by Cecily King


St. Louis Public Radio | Nancy Fowler

“But this production of “In the Heights” comes at a time of rising national anti-immigration sentiment. Still, its story of people who come to the United States from other nations is really the story of almost all Americans, a point that’s illustrated by the makeup of the cast.”

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St. Louis Post Dispatch/StL Today | Judith Newark

“And Carmen García comes close to stealing the show as Abuela Claudia, the heart of the neighborhood and also its memory. In a song in which Claudia recalls her life, “Paciencia y Fe,” García offers a thrilling performance.”

Talkin' Broadway | Richard T. Green

But the neighborhood matriarch, Abuela Claudia (self-assured Carmen Garcia), unleashes a torrent of vocal power on stage, and her dreams and memories help sustain them all through the crisis—”

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KDHX | Tina Farmer

The star of the show is Carmen Garcia, who plays Abuela Claudia. Director Christina Rios showed her directing chops best in a scene where Abuela remembers her childhood and the move to America from Cuba. It is a haunting reminder of the sacrifices people make when they uproot their families for a chance at a better home in a new place. The show is worth seeing just to experience this moment of theatrical art.

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On Stage Blog | Erin Krall

García owned the stage during ‘Paciencia y Fe’. That was one of my favorite parts. The use of flashback actors (Claudia’s Mom: Cecily A King, young Claudia: Alora Marguerite, teen Claudia: Isabel García) along with the staging of the company was so touching and timely.

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St. Louis Theatre Snob

Usnavi’s Abuela Claudia is the backbone of the neighborhood, and Carmen García was a highlight, with rich, powerful vocals and a memorable “Paciencia y Fe”, where she reflects on her childhood and her immigration to America.

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Snoop's Theatre Thoughts | Michelle Kenyon

“…but its emotional heart is largely with Carmen García’s excellently portrayed and powerfully voiced Abuela Claudia.

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“We see teen Claudia with a lovely performance by Isabel Garcia and then young Claudia featuring nice work by Alora Marguerite. As the grandmother, Abuela Claudia, Carmen Garcia blows us away with her feature number and provides the foundation for this little family of saints and sinners who inhabit the barrio.”

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St. Louis Limelight | Lynn Venhaus

“There was a touching family vibe. Abuela Claudia embraces her role as the neighborhood matriarch. She definitely reminded me of my own Abuela and my older Aunt Catherine.”

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