Starting Over… we’ve all had to do it at some point – points – in our lives.

It’s not always fun.

It’s not always exciting.

It is, however, always necessary if we are to grow, change, expand, increase, make something better. Make our lives better.

But, I don’t gotta like it!


The universe has a way of helping you out when it is time to expand and change and grow. Upgrade. Subtle and not so subtle things happen in your life.

Children prepare to leave for college.

Websites are not renewed and purged.

Jobs and debit cards are lost.

Relationships seem to end.

Weight is gained.

And, we pause. We shake our fist to the stars. Take that moment of anger – at ourselves, at others, at inanimate objects, at screens, at people.  We meditate, we journal, we soul-search, we reflect… and we start over.

We have to. We’re meant to. And, it can be a good thing.

I’m not afraid of change. I sometimes even look forward to it. The newness of it. The opportunities within it.


It’s a time now for me to reflect. It’s a time to take stock in who I am – again. My strength. My authenticity. My intent. My poise. My dignity. MySelf.

And, when the good reveals itself within the pain and discomfort of change, I will find gratitude for the experience.

What did I learn? What did I lose? What did I gain? What can be saved? What is lost forever? How will it shape my path?

And, I move forward with renewed determination and strength because I have a chance to start over and build something better.


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