You Are Enough.
You are so enough.
It is unbelievable how enough you are!

~ Anonymous

Interesting word, Should.

Why do we give that word Should so much power for what we do or don’t do – and allow it to give us shame?

I Should play with my kids more.
I Should eat healthier.
I Should workout.

It claims knowledge of the past.

I Should have known better.
I Should have not gone there.
I Should have not said that.

I guess I Should have more faith.  But the word Should seems only to harbor regret.

I Should have stayed.
I Should have listened.
I Should have loved.

And, Should seems to prevent us from being ourselves.

I Should be smarter…
… prettier
… braver
… funnier
I Should be more.

Why have we given so much power to such a small word – Should.

We really have to replace Should with Can or Will or Do or Am! Give ourselves permission to be … To Be. To be whatever you want to be… to be enough!

I Can play with my kids.
I Will eat healthier.
I Can workout.
I Do know.
I Will go.
I AM smart.
I AM pretty
I AM brave.
I AM funny.
I AM Enough!

A friend of mine is an inspiration thru her I AM Enough Experience.  Her songs, her story, shows how, when we say “I Should” we are actually holding ourselves back. As she says, “We craft an acceptable version of the person who we believe we need to be in order to protect, hide and preserve our tender, innocent and loving self.”

We all pass through our aches and pains. Everyone has them. But don’t wait to give yourself permission to be enough. You already are enough.

I am done with the word Should. I have shown I Can. I Will. I Do. I Am.

Authentic joy is being enough and owning your enough-ness. Celebrating our being enough.

You Are Enough.


Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.
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