“Because you ARE. You have the right to the abundance of nature in whatever way it is transformed or translated for you.”

Jane Roberts (Seth)

I have an amazing friend. I have many amazing friends, really, but this particular friend, well…

He loves music. It speaks to him in ways I haven’t seen in many people. I adore that he sends me a song every morning. For the past three months… every morning! It’s amazing and I love it!

Some songs are fun. Some have meaning. Others make me think. But each song puts a smile on my face and starts my day on a positive note.

He’s also the happiest person I have ever met. He has such a deep belief system that it becomes infectious, moving. And his energy vibrates at such a high level that it is practically titillating.

I say all these things because he has also become a sort of teacher. He has been guiding me to a stronger belief system of life, of me, of the energy that we all possess.

It’s a beautiful thing.

One of the first things he told me, and I have this written down, was, “You form your own reality based on your beliefs.”

Let that sink in… You form your own reality – You! You have the power. You control your life. Your reality.

Just a few years ago my reality had been of a depressed, overweight, unhealthy and lonely individual. A victim. I was allowing the actions of others to determine who I was. Sad.

I sheltered myself in a job where I thought I was doing good, but never had an opportunity to move from. It kept me “safe” but it also kept me stifled. And, I empowered those around me to dictate who I was. I certainly was not a leader. And, I certainly was not where I could use my gifts. I don’t think I really realized what “gifts” I had at the time.

I didn’t really believe in myself. My abilities. My person.

I felt unlovable. Undesirable. Unwilling to change my circumstances. A follower. Never a leader. Stagnant.

There was no vibration to my energy – at all!

Fast forward so many years.

It wasn’t until I met another friend and learned from her wisdom that I started to see my future potential. That my journey would be different if I learned how to be authentic and SHINE. She took me to The Joy of Goals and I followed through in determining my goals and achieving them. What a marvelous gift she gave me!

But I wasn’t done changing. Moving forward. Learning.

Along came my friend. He has offered books to read that has taken me to another plane in my journey. He has given me a new outlook on being me. Of finding my reality in the midst of life being lived. Of knowing that I can concentrate on my future, my outcomes and make them my reality.

It is so freeing. It almost doesn’t seem real.

He taught me that we were born inquisitive, loving, ready to find the best in life for ourselves. Experiences, people, places along the way sometimes interfere with our journey of fulfillment. But how wonderful to recognize that we are on own path to happiness.

And, I understand why he is always happy. For this release of knowing you are in control is liberating. Why not be happy all the time?

He understands that it is our energy that is translated into experiences, into our emotions, into our feelings. Of course, we would be happy.

You release worry when you allow happiness to fill you. Some people call me laid back because I tend not to worry about “things.” I believe that intuitively I already knew the direction that happiness would take me – I just allowed other forces to veer me off course.

This doesn’t mean to avoid responsibility or ignore pressing matters/situations. But, it does mean to face them with a positive outlook so that the outcome is positive as well.

However, being happy frees us to use our abilities to their highest potential. For me, that may be in a leadership role in an office or on stage. Perhaps it’s behind a microphone or a computer keyboard. The point is, I make up my choice. My reality.

If you’re strong in your beliefs the rest falls in line.

If you’re happy moving toward those beliefs they will come to you with abandon.

I’m still learning. This is a complex mind/soul shift to make.

But learning I am…

And Believing in Who I Am…

And Forming My Own Reality… and it makes me so happy.


Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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