“Interesting what happens when you begin to SHINE.”

~ Carmen 

I’ve mentioned to you about recent goals and having achieved a good number of them.

Many of them were around my health and activities. Although I still haven’t gotten on a bike. But I’m working on that!

  • Losing weight
  • Exercising
  • Eating for health
  • Participating in a 5K per month

A series of goals were around performing – wonderful goals that I have achieved so far.

  • Audition
  • Return to the Stage
  • Perform with a professional company again
Pretty cool stuff! And, that’s only the start. I have scheduled more auditions and will see where those lead me.

But there are other goals that I have met that seemed a little more farfetched. Goals I didn’t realize were important to me.

  • Start dating
  • Meet a man

And, boy did I date… online no less. Many of you enjoyed reading about my travails. All those stories of who/what I met online. I have to admit they were interesting. And, exhausting. And, frustrating. Annoying. Creepy.

I left the online dating scene for a while.  It really was just too much. I had to step away and take a break.

But, then something interesting happened. I spoke with my dear friend and coach and we delved more in to her SHINE program. I remembered how scared I was when I first started speaking about showing up rather than hiding.

You see, SHINE is an interesting principle where you take your strengths and shadows and meld them to find your unique brilliance.  Finding that inner uniqueness and using it to find what makes you tic. What makes you YOU! Shift how you see and believe in yourself. Find your courage and confidence to turn up the real you. And, to voice what it is you want in this world.

So, I showed up! I rewrote my profile and used intention this time. No marketing or selling of me, per se. But truly asking for what I was seeking. What I was looking for in a partner.

And guess what?

The very minute I pressed send on my new profile I found a match. It was almost scary. Surreal. This new man and I began chatting. We met for coffee. We went out to dinner. And, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now.

Without telling each other we removed our online profiles.

It just feels right.

My family and friends like him. More importantly, my daughter seems to like him.

And, I’m happy.

It’s amazing what goals, intentions and SHINE can do! It’s amazing what being in the moment, authentic, honest and vocal can do!

And, I’m not done!

Of course, now I have to make up my new set of goals! I’ve pretty much completed the last set.

It’s an exciting time.

What shall I come up with next?

Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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