“If I have to see another motorcycle picture on a dating profile, I’m going to scream!”

~ Carmen

This online dating thing hasn’t been going so well lately. It’s nice out now and more and more people want to get out in the nice weather. And, so it seems, do single older men. With other single men… and their prize of a woman sitting behind them on their motorcycle. 

I have noticed that more and more profile photos are actually of a man’s toys: motorcycles, muscle cars, their latest catch, their latest kill (what did that animal ever do to you?), their pets, or their boats. Sometimes the man’s face is actually in the photo too. Most of the time not. Because, you know, I want to date a golden retriever on a boat with a dead animal in its mouth!

I understand midlife crisis’.  Truly I do. I’ve gone through my own – and believe I’m still going through it. However, midlife for me is more of a recognition of being who I am. Not replacing who I am with items. Or trying to replace my image with things that are believed to be desirable.  I’m not interested in your log cabin on 100 acres… that’s just a little creepy really if that’s where you want to take me!

There are also the men that have hit the gym… hard! And, the are very proud of their accomplishments, as they should be. But, enough with the sweaty, naked chest photos of you lifting heavy weights. Or doing the bodybuilding poses in your bathroom mirror. Or having a friend take photos of you doing pull-ups at the gym. I get it. You’re strong and proud of your body. I’m happy for you. Really I am. I just feel you’re trying too hard. And, not all women are in it for the body!

Just be yourself. Show me your kind eyes. Your warm smile. Sure, show me your motorcycle if you’re on it and having fun. I’d love to see your pet – if you’re sitting with it. Your kayak looks wonderful on the river while you were on a float trip.

I wonder what my photos are saying to prospective suitors. Me in the snow in Colorado. One hiking. Smiling. Being funny.

I think my time online dating is coming to a close. I want someone cerebral and loving. Soft and strong. I’ve met a couple, but they are few and far between. Not sure that is what I’m going to find online.

But that’s ok. I’ve had fun meeting new people. Stretching my boundaries. Taking a leap of faith. And, that’s good.

Just, if I have to see one more motorcycle…. oye!

Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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