“Why hide your talent in the closet of complacency when you have greatness within you?”

~Robin Sharma

I’ve been very good about keeping track of my food intake – protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  I’ve been good about drinking enough water and taking my vitamins. I’ve been good about working out every day. I’ve been good about weighing myself once a week.

Until I wasn’t.

I realized the other day that I am not logging in my food as religiously as I had been. I didn’t meet my water quota. I skipped a couple of my vitamins. And, I ate carbs… bread… which I hadn’t in a long, long time.  And, it wasn’t the first time.

I grew content.

And with contentment came complacency.

Complacency kills progress.

In my case, it could send me back to a life of being unhealthy and large.  Not somewhere I want to be. And a place I’ve been running away from.

I’ve been at this for a year now. I guess everything can get a little tiresome after a year. But, I can’t relax. I can’t be complacent. I can’t sit back in contentment.

I have to keep working.

Seeking to be better. Be healthier. Continue to do things that were outside my norm for so long.

I’m so close to my target… I can taste it (every pun in the book intended)!

So, right here, right now, I am telling all of whoever reads this, I’m back on track.

Going to log my food, cut out carbs, drink my water, take my vitamins and work out every day!

Every freaking day!

And weigh myself in the morning. Even if the thought of seeing what the scale says scares the crap out of me.

I had a nice little break. But, now its back to work!

I know I have greatness within me! And success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally.

Just have to remind myself every now and again!

Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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