“A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.”
~ Napoleon Hill

A couple of years ago a friend invited me as her guest to attend a Joy of Goals workshop. A full-day workshop that helps you discover your goals, the importance of making a list of goals and how to motivate you to work toward them. The day was filled with energy of a room full of dreamers and goal setters.

The goals, we were told, could be smallish (I want to walk the dog more often) or large (I want to buy my dream home).  Nothing was off limits. Goals weren’t necessarily things we would expect right away. We were offering these aspirations to the Universe to see what would be returned – some day. At least the goals would be “out there.”

A couple of years ago I was in a much, much different place in my life. I was floundering. I can admit it now, perhaps because I wasn’t really sure where I was at the time. Looking back, I know exactly where I was. After all, hindsight is 20/20. All I knew then was that I was lonely and out of place. I was also out of breath and my body hurt from being so immobile and I had uncontrolled diabetes. I was going to have spinal surgery and I was in pain.

So… I was not in the best space, to say the least.

But, there I was with a pen in hand, a Goals workbook in front of me and 101 lines I needed to fill. I thought they were crazy. Eh, I’ll play along.

It took me a while to get started. It was difficult for me to even start – I really don’t wish things for myself. I’m usually helping others fulfill their goals or dreams. What in the world could I really want or need? So, I started small.

  • Eat healthy.
  • Exercise more.
  • Walk more.

They all seemed like good goals to pursue – after all, I was in bad shape. If I didn’t want those things I’d be crazy, right? What else?

  • Participate in a 5K.
  • Lose weight.
  • Join a gym.
  • Clear my diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ok… safe, future thinking.

  • Build my at-home business.
  • Save money.
  • Go to more concerts and plays with my daughter.
  • Audition for a musical.

Sounded pretty good.  I kept going.

  • Plan a vacation.
  • Visit my sister in Colorado.
  • Go hiking.
  • Make more friends and cultivate existing ones.
  • Take my daughter to Mexico.
  • Visit New York and see some shows.
  • Meet men.

WAIT! What?

  • Get married.

Where the hell did that come from?

I’m not kidding. I actually wrote that down. And it took me by such surprise I didn’t even know it was my hand that wrote it. However, I remembered, these goals aren’t meant to be immediate – I’m throwing it out to the Universe. I wasn’t worried. The Universe never sent me many men to begin with, and certainly none I ever wanted to marry.

Fast forward to this past weekend.

I attended my second Joy of Goals workshop on the invitation of the organizer, wonderful woman and self-proclaimed “Dream Champion.” She has so much enthusiasm and belief in setting and achieving goals that you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I very proudly told her that of all my dreams from the first workshop I had achieved many that I never thought were possible.

Yes…I have lost weight. I exercise every day. I go to the gym. I completed my first 5K. I eat very healthy now. My diabetes is gone. My blood pressure is normal. And, I have been dating. Marriage is SO not on the horizon, but I am making more friends and getting out more.

I’m in my first musical in over 20 years! How’s that for a goal fulfilled?

So, what’s on the latest goal list?
Zipling. Horseback riding. Maybe skydiving.

And, marriage? It made the list again. But I’m not sure that’s exactly what I want really. I’m having too much fun completing the other goals on my list.

I can fit on a rollercoaster now, ya know. And, I’m training for my first 10K!

I like goals!

Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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