“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.”

~ Maya Angelou

Wow… I was going to name this post “Online Dating, Part Whatever it is” but it’s more than that really. Maybe it should be “Dating While Normal.”

I’ve gone out on a few “meets” now – they aren’t really dates, because these are more like meeting to see if you want to date. And, there’s one thing I have found, I am a lot more normal than I thought I was.

I was reviewing my “meets” with a close friend and the more I described these meets the more I realized that there are a lot of interesting men out there. And by “interesting” I mean weird.

Now, I’m not a bad conversationalist. I’m a better listener, but I can hold my own during a conversation. Unfortunately, a lot of these men don’t know how to communicate. It ends up being like an interview with me playing the hiring manager.

What activities do you enjoy? How often do you do them? Where have you vacationed? Do you like music? What type of music do you listen to? Really, you like dogs? Do you have any?

I don’t believe I asked about your ex, so no, I really don’t want to hear about your ex-wife – the entire evening!

It’s exhausting.

And, then we have the man who said we didn’t have any “spark” – I’m good with that. It’s all good, we won’t have a spark with everyone we meet. Truthfully, I didn’t feel much of a connection either, but was willing to go out again. That first meeting is always difficult. So, no big deal, right?

Except, he keeps texting me that it’s him, not me. That the distance was the issue. That he really wanted it to work, but he’s sorry that it didn’t. He would text me advice on how I could make my first meet with others better…because, you know, those men online are all alike and he was an expert.

It’s okay, dude.  I’m perfectly ok. It’s all good.  I’m not kidding.

He thought that I was just too passionate.  I’m Latina – I’m passionate. Deal.

But, he texted again, if we haven’t found anybody in three months we could have sex.

Wait, what? Oh, hell no!

I have a few more dates lined up. One sounds promising. We’ll see if he’s close to being my level of normal. I can’t be the only normal one out there!

Oh, gosh, at least I hope not!

Carmen Garcia writes about stuff… life as a single mother, dating, weight loss, performing, and other random experiences. Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, not so much. You decide.

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