“Each morning you are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”
Jack Kornfield

Weight loss is an interesting thing. Tomorrow is an unknown – to a certain extent. But there are things that are certain.

I know I have to drink a ton of water. I know I have to eat a certain amount of protein. I know I have to eat enough calories each day. I know I have to exercise.

Each day is new. Each day holds new promise. But each day is still a routine.

I can genuinely say I have been depressed in my past. The weight and lack of movement didn’t help. Feeling useless or unloved was hard to deal with. Not knowing what my future held for me or my daughter left me with sleepless nights.  But, most especially, when my sister passed away. That was depressing. Honestly, I haven’t really gotten past losing my sister. Of course, that will never really go away. That’s something that I will have to learn to live with – or, actually live without.

True, I haven’t yet determined what my path will be moving forward. Just that it includes meal planning and exercise for continued success. But, for the first time in a long time I’m at peace with that. It doesn’t have me anxious knowing that I don’t have a path.

I was learning and experiencing and discovering so many new things about me and my life when I started this journey that it seems pretty boring now that I’m on some kind of autopilot. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

Although discovering how I can walk much further than I have ever been able to before is pretty sweet. And, how I am at my lowest weight since college is very nice. And, I’ve discovered that I have much more stamina than ever is a wonderful thing. So maybe I do have more discoveries.

What I do today – eat right, move more, love more, laugh more – matters most.

I am not depressed.

Nor am I anxious.

I am present.

Each new day is a rebirth.

I wish that for everyone. I’ve discovered it’s a great place to be and I will ride this as far as I can.

62.5 pounds lost!

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