“No great thing is suddenly created.”

Patience is a virtue. Patience is not easy to achieve. I really don’t have much patience for being such a laid back type of person. But, I know that patience is what is needed most on this journey.

It has been a test of my patience these past few days. You see, I have been on a 50 pound loss stall.


Now, I don’t get on the scale everyday. That’s just silly. But I do step on at least once a week to see my progress. Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have shown a two pound gain (WTF?) and then … nothing!

And, another week… nothing!

I understand that my body is going through a tremendous change. I’m smart enough to know that I must have patience with my progress. I get that I have to make changes to my food plan as I exercise more. I get it. But, dang, it’s hard to see the scale and not get discouraged because it’s not going back down!

Surgery is just a tool. I really am the one that has to do the work. Surgery helps you stay on track because you can’t handle the amount of food you did at one time. You also can’t have all the fatty and sugary foods you once had eaten because your pouch will not accept it very well.

Surgery forces you to make the necessary changes to lose your weight and regain your health. So I embraced the changes.

As I mentioned, the doctor says that the first 6 months is all about the surgery. You don’t even need to try too hard and the weight will come off. It’s after those initial 6 months that will really require you to have to work to make sure you don’t regain and that you continue to lose. So, I have to make the most of these first 6 months. If I help it along at the beginning I can, essentially, lose a bit easier.

I’ve told you that I have lost 50 pounds in 2.5 months. Wonderful stuff! But, I thought I would just keep losing.

No one told me about the stalls. I really should have been smart enough to know there would have to be stalls.

I’m losing weight so quickly that my body has to catch up with the rest of me. My hormones are changing. My muscles are out of whack.  Everything is trying to catch up.

I’ve been persistent with my plan. Eating right. Tracking my calories and protein and water and vitamins. But it’s hard to not to lose patience when you’ve seen such huge changes so quickly. It’s hard not to be discouraged when you see weight gain rather than weight loss. It’s hard not to want to rush things when you’re hitting the gym several times a week and come out sweating like a pig!

I realize it took years to gain all this weight – even with surgery it will take time to lose it.

Although, “lose” is really the wrong term.  I have no intention of ever “finding” this weight again!

So, I’ve come to realize stalls are going to be necessary. It is the time your body needs to get readjusted to your weight loss and the changes in your body. And, that’s ok.

I stepped on the scale again this morning…

Lost 5.5 pounds. The two that I gained and an additional 3.5!

Patience + Persistence + Perspiration = Success!

Just got to keep pushing. And, move on to tomorrow.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Fleetwood Mac

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