“All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

You guys are amazing!

Really. The support, love and comments I receive through this blog have been so inspiring. You keep me strong. You keep me straight. You’ve helped me through some tough times and have become cheerleaders when I had small victories.

Most importantly, you listened.

I am blessed.

When I had the weight loss surgery I was reluctant to tell anyone. Silly, I know. But it is such a personal journey. Besides, who the hell would care?

Then I realized that if I don’t make it public, I won’t be able to keep myself accountable and on track. Going through this and telling you about it helps me. Of course, I was going to keep it simple. Just a few words here and there.

But, now? This blog has become part journal, part confessional, part blabbering. And, you’ve stuck with me.

With each blog entry it has helped me tremendously to unload my feelings, celebrate accomplishments and stay honest. You read, and commented, and celebrated with me. You allowed me to shed tears and speak about my sister and helped me through it. You lifted me up. You listened.

Thank you.

Our family – if you haven’t already figured out – is very close and supportive of each other. It’s an amazing feeling to have such love around me all the time. And, to know that if there is something I need my family will be there to help. Especially when my sister needed us. We surrounded her with love. We do that for each other, always. They do that for me now.

Add to that your amazing support and encouragement! I appreciate you guys more than you can ever imagine. It’s humbling to know you are reading all this goofiness and cheering me on.

Truly you all are amazing. And, you make me feel amazing knowing you are there.

I am thankful.

Jonny Lang

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