“Find fitness in fun dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise.”
Paula Abdul

I use to dance as often as I could. I made a decent partner – dancing to blues, tropicales, merenge – didn’t matter. I loved it!

I would also dance all by myself in clubs given the chance. I did Jazzercize for a time as exercise too. Just moving to music was so freeing and fun.

But, as I got bigger and my knees got tired of carrying all the weight on my body, I stopped. At one point I blew out my knee dancing and I felt my dancing days were over.

The weight piled on and I sat more than moved. And the weight piled on even more. I sat for years…and years…and years.

All those years – I missed dancing. Of course, I didn’t do anything about it. And, chair dancing? I gave up. My knees had surgery and I really stopped moving. Of course, that was more of an excuse than a reason, but that was my story and I stuck to it.

So now I have dropped some weight and am back to moving. My knees are getting use to walking and bending. My bad knee still has its moments of pain, but I can get through it pretty well.

A few weeks ago good friends gave me their Xbox. I hooked it up. Another good friend let me borrow their dancing game. I put it in. I love my friends for their generosity and love! I love to dance!

I don’t necessarily get through a full song, but darn if I don’t try! I just adore closing my eyes and moving, swaying, raising my arms in time to the music. Freeing my mind and getting in to the music like I use to. And, my body is loving it too.

I look forward to the times I can put in the dance games and move.

I also walk to music too. The beat keeps me going, and going. I have to be careful because I find I sometime close my eyes to get in to the music and I’m still walking. It’s infectious.

All those years wasted sitting still. All those years wasted stuffing my face and being immobile. Making excuses. Not dancing. Not moving.

No more! I may stumble on sometimes, but I keep going now. No more sitting still.

Gosh, I love to dance! It’s become more than exercise. What a wonderful freeing feeling again.

Won’t you join me?

In the words of Justin Timberlake:
I can’t stop this feeling,
So keep dancing!

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