“God Bless No Sugar Added Fudgsicles. It’s the little things.”
– Carmen

I’ve never really been a candy or chocolate person. I, on occasion, would enjoy a 70% cacao chocolate bar. I guess I like my chocolate like my coffee – smooth and strong.

Obviously, chocolate in that form is frowned upon on my journey. Besides, this pouch won’t have anything to do with that much sugar.

When I went looking for calcium chews I found gummy ones. If I have one candy vice, gummy bears would be the one. I have no reason why. It just seems that if I start with one gummy bear the entire bag of bears are gone way too quickly. So, the chews I chose were of the chocolate variety.

To my dismay, I have been looking forward to my three chocolate calcium chews a day.

I savor them. It’s like eating a little piece of fudge.


Then, I remembered back to week 2 when no sugar added fudgsicles were allowed. What a wonderful thing! I went and bought a box of them.

Boy, do they hit the spot. A nice change from all the fish and veggies.

Small treats like these are needed. It doesn’t add too much to my end of day calories and it boosts my attitude.

And, I don’t have to depend all my sweet tooth cravings on my calcium chews.

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