“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.”
Henri Nouwen

We have had a couple of pretty sad days around my family. It’s been some tough going. But, today we had a great day being together and painting. Like one of those Paint Nite’s that happen in bars or restaurants. You know, the ones where everyone paints the same painting, but they are all different because they are your interpretation.

Anyway, we were painting. And, we were happy. Joyful. We were together and having a really good time.

During our painting time we spoke about our upcoming camping trip. With my family, the topic quickly moved to food. You see, we make some elaborate meals when we go camping, so its something we look forward to. And, of course, I started to get worried. What am I going to eat? How will I enjoy a meal with everybody if I have to eat such different food? Eek!

My sister reminded me that I have a good amount of food to choose from really. Why should I worry? I shouldn’t be thinking of what I can’t have, I should be thinking of all I can have now. Live in the moment.

Why does she always have to be right?

I have some food restrictions, but it’s nothing close to what it use to be. And, I’ve enjoyed eating fish – much more than I thought I would.

Plus, my pouch has been a wonderful tool in body shrinkage. I am now in a size pants that are two sizes smaller than what I wore before! No, really! It’s amazing. So, that makes me happy.

My knee still may hurt, but not like it use to. At least I can walk a bit more now.

I’m sleeping better.

My blood sugar is lower than I have ever seen it.

And, my family – we’re together.

Painting. Camping. Laughing. Loving.

And, milking each joyful second with each other.

The coming days will still be tough, I know. But, I’m choosing to find joy everyday that we’re together.

Right now. In the moment. Because joy doesn’t simply happen – we have to choose it.

I choose joy.

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