“Some People Just Need A High Five.”

I gave myself a couple of high fives the last couple of days. I was rather excited, really.

Isa and I went to the theater over the weekend to see a friend’s performance. I was ready to squeeze in to the theater seat, but surprised myself by just – well, sitting.

No squeezing. No adjusting to make sure my hips fit. I sat.

The next evening, my parents and I went to the high school to see Isa in her Show Choir performance. And, guess what?

I sat.

In the theater seat. No adjusting. No squeezing. I just sat down without thinking about it.

For someone who isn’t large it may hard to fathom how sitting would be a “thing.” I’m here to tell you that we do. I know I do.

The way I’m consumed with thinking about food now is how I am when going somewhere to think of where I would sit. Yes. It sounds goofy.

Airplane seats. Movie theaters. Restaurants. Will I break the chair? Will I fit? Will I be seated next to someone and I encroach in to their space? It’s uncomfortable. How long do I have to sit here?

But that didn’t happen this weekend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I also didn’t have much left over room, but dang, not squeezing felt great.

Actually, it felt pretty damn good.

I can’t wait for other new things, especially crossing my legs. I really can’t wait for that!

For now, I’ll take this as my high five for now!

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