“Nothing Tastes as Good as Feeling Fit Feels.”

I enjoy shopping. But, mainly for others and not so much for myself. I have to go to “specialty stores” for my clothes. With no good specialty stores close, Isa gets a lot of stuff.

When I do buy clothes for myself it’s mainly large shirts or maxi skirts – you know – the illusion of large clothes covering a larger body to somehow make you feel smaller inside.

I know it’s crazy. But, hey, no one really said I made sense.

So, I’m ending my three weeks post op. I’ve lost 30 pounds and I can feel the difference. Getting ready to go to Mother’s Day brunch yesterday, I went to my closet to get out my usual clothes and… there it was. A red dress I had purchased eons ago that never really fit. It has blue stripes. Horizontal stripes no less. Not sure what I was thinking when I purchased it. Everyone knows you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes as a person my size.

For grins, I tried it on.

And it fit!

A little snug in places still, but it fit all the same!

Damn! I felt good.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I didn’t feel out of place. I know it doesn’t seem like much in the larger scheme of things, having lost 30 pounds. But what a feeling of triumph.

I left it on all day. And, I got compliments.

My mom said that she can see my neck and can start to see some collar bones. That’s cool.

My friend said she can see the difference on my torso. Love that.

Even my dad, who admits he isn’t terribly observant, says he see the difference too.

Got to be honest, I don’t see a difference. At least I didn’t until yesterday when I tried on the dress. I can feel it, to be sure. I feel my stomach shrinking. My hips and thighs haven’t fully caught up to the party yet, but they will in time. But I can feel it. And, it feels good.

What else do I have in my closet that I have forgotten about? I’m going to have to go through things and see what else I can find.

I can’t wait until Isa and I can go shopping together!

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