“And, Sure Waiting Will End, If You Just Wait Long Enough.”
William Faulkner

Food and Celebrations go hand in hand. At least it seems so in our family. So, naturally, for Mother’s Day we went out for brunch.

And, naturally, there was a 45 minute wait (which turned out to be more like an hour) at the restaurant. And, naturally, we didn’t start our day until later in the morning because – well – it is Mother’s Day after all. We wanted to sleep in.

So while I normally have my breakfast at 8:30 – 9 AM, we were having the first meal of the day at 12:45.

I’m on a schedule. Waiting that long to eat was hard. I’m starving by this time and it makes it hard to keep my vitamin schedule on track too. I didn’t prepare as I normally have these past couple of weeks. I screwed up and here we are waiting.

Now, I’m a naturally easy going, laid back person. I’m also naturally 5 – 10 minutes late to things. Even if I put appointments on my calendar 15 minutes early, I still get there 5 minutes late. I don’t get it either. It just happens.

But, now a days I live by my clock. I have to get all my vitamins in throughout the day. I have to drink my water throughout the day. I have to get my walks in throughout the day. I have to have my meals spaced out correctly throughout the day. My down time is just waiting for the next scheduled meal or supplement or drink. A waiting game that I’ll just have to learn to get use to.

This day’s celebration was making a real mess of things. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to handle it. I wasn’t focusing on my family, I was focusing on my regimen.

But I did handle it.

I just took a deep breath. I enjoyed my brunch cheese and ham omelette with my family. Brought half of it home. I figure things will be a little bit of mess today – and that’s ok.

I realize that I’m still new to this game and my focus is all on how I will conduct my process each day, but that will get better. I just have to be patient with myself as I learn to become accustomed to this journey.

The waiting will be worth it. You just have to wait long enough.

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