“Winning is the Science of Being Totally Prepared.”
George Allen, Sr.

This has been the busiest few days. And, I started my soft food diet smack at the start of this busy time.

My daughter was in a musical last weekend. Anyone who has ever been in a play or had a child in a play knows that there is such a thing as “Tech Week” – where the actors finally get to go on stage and rehearse with costumes, props, mics, and the set. It is also the time when the lighting, set, costume and sound designers get to rehearse too.  These are very long nights, but necessary. It makes sure everyone is prepared for the actual show.

Come to find that the cast and crew weren’t the only ones that needed to prepare that week.

I love to volunteer – especially if it is in a theater. So, I just had to be at Tech Week and the run of the show with my daughter. That meant having my dinners and snacks and protein drinks ready for each night. Talk about mindful eating. Talk about preparedness!

I put protein powder in a container. Got some single tuna pouches and avocados at the ready. Had a sugar free jello and sugar free pudding. Grabbed my insulated lunch bag and a cold protein drink in my Tervis. I was ready to go!

I was prepared.
And, I stuck to my guns.
And, it worked.

I’m not going to say it was easy. It wasn’t. I have to learn how to mix it up a bit, but not sure what else is so easy as tuna pouches when you’re on the go.

But what was wonderful was celebrating my daughter’s final performance by going out to dinner. I knew what was appropriate. Did some research on a couple of restaurants so I would be prepared when I arrived.

I ordered grilled salmon and a potato. I brought home half of it. That was pretty awesome, really.

It felt good.

I really can do this. A little preparation goes a long way.

And, I’m going a long way with it.

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