“Never Let the Things You Want Make You Forget the Things You Have.”
– Anonymous

Thank you to everyone who have sent positive thoughts, positive energy, positive messages, and positive prayers. How wonderful to know so many people have reached out to offer encouragement and support.

One of you wonderful friends mentioned to me that although I have to watch for things that I CAN’T have now, I must not forget all the things that I DO have.

And, he’s right.

And, I do. In fact, I believe it’s because of what I do have that I have taken this step.

I have my DAUGHTER – my lovely, wonderful, witty, bubbly, smart, talented, daughter.

I have my FAMILY.  Bound together by such a strong love and understanding. Unbreakable support and encouragement. Tremendous honesty and loyalty.

Anyone who knows us, knows we are extremely close. I’m the oldest of five, and four of the five of us live only a couple miles or less from each other. We get together almost every weekend. They are my primary social circle – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whatever happens we are there for each other. Always.

I have my PARENTS. My amazing mom and dad – Momo and Papi – strong, stoic, faithful, with undying love and support for each of us. Our example for starting strong families of our own.

And, I have all of YOU. I’m thankful for your reminding me what I have in YOU. I am ever so grateful for all your kind words of encouragement. Checking up on me. Offering suggestions and help.

While I am going through this journey for me – learning what I can and cannot eat, I know exactly what I have that’s important. And, I am ever so grateful for all of it – all the time.

Week 2: full liquids;  down 22 pounds

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