“The Groundwork for All Happiness is Health.”
– Leigh Hunt

I chose this surgery because I choose happiness. I chose freedom to do what my body was meant to do and has not had the capability to do for a long, long time.

So, in a sense I do choose happiness. But I do so through health.

Today is the third day after surgery. I’m still a bit tired. A bit woozy. No more pain. But the gas! Lord be, the gas!

I was kicking myself because I couldn’t finish more than 40 grams of protein yesterday. Minimum is 60. Optimum is 80 – 100. I just couldn’t stomach another swallow. The nausea was overwhelming.

My sister reminded me – it’s only your second day! So true. I’ve got to lay the groundwork first. She’s always so wise.

The family celebrated her and my brother’s April birthdays yesterday. The cooking in the house – the smells. I was worried I couldn’t be around them. And, some of that was true, but only a little bit. I came out of my room while everyone was eating. My stomach was so full with the protein the food on the table didn’t bother me at all. I’m sure that will change. But one step at a time. Lay the groundwork.

Took a couple of walks that helped with the gas. My neighbor helped get me to the store for vitamins and such – couldn’t drive yesterday just yet.

Today, more walking and a trip to the bank. Moving and grooving. Already got one protein shake down. Drank a cup of decaf coffee – so good! And, more walking.

Laying the groundwork.

I’ve decided. I choose happiness.

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