“What Comes Easy Won’t Always Last. What Will Last Doesn’t Always Come Easy”
Got home yesterday!

Dr. Minkin said everything went very well. No complications (thank goodness). Passed my swallow test – talk about weird. Walked around the hospital and the house. Gotta get this gas out of me! It would help alleviate the pain if I could get some of this gas out! GasX strips help too. But not enough.

Everything is the same, yet different.

My stomach is smaller inside. But bigger outside right now. It is so bloated it’s painful. Trying to drink water, my protein shake – anything – requires sipping small sips to avoid more painful gas or nausea. They warned me about that, but I had to learn the hard way. And, yes, it was terribly painful!
It now takes 30 minutes to finish 1/2 cup of a protein shake.

My lunch consisted of two bites of jello, a few sips of chicken bouillon and a sip of juice. And, I was full. I couldn’t take another “bite.”

There are folks out there that feel that this is the easy way out to losing weight. I’m one day post-op and I can tell you: This Is Not The Easy Way Out!

I haven’t even started the emotional removal of baggage yet and I know this is not the easy way out.  I haven’t begun the work it will involve to get the sag off of my body and I know this is not the easy way out. I haven’t begun the figuring out the diet I will need to remain on the rest of my life to sustain this smaller stomach yet, and I know this is not the easy way out!

But that is what helps me understand that this will last. It won’t be easy. And, huge change shouldn’t be.

One day at a time. One toot at a time….

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