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You’re off to Great Places!
Today is Your Day!
Your Mountain is Waiting!
So…Get On Your Way!
– Dr. Seuss

Thursday is my surgery day. I am having 3/4 of my stomach removed through a small hole.

I attended a pre-op nutrition seminar to learn more about what I should starting after surgery. We knew about the liquid diet, but easing back in to eating food is a long, long process.

The first thing said at the seminar is that we must Honor our Commitment. Talk about a Mountain! It truly is a commitment. A larger commitment than I think I have ever made – next to being a mom.

I’m reminded through this seminar that this procedure is not a solution. It is a tool. One that will help me get a handle of my addiction to food.

My new eating regime will go from no fiber and all protein to adding fiber little by little until my new smaller stomach can handle such work. Learning to sip, rather than gulp. Learning to chew my food to a toothpaste consistency rather than chomp and swallow. Learning to eat much smaller portions, than returning to the buffet several times. Taking 20 minutes to eat a meal that consists of a slice of deli meat and a cracker. It’s a Mountain.

I’m not nervous before surgery. I’m ready for it. What I’m not sure is how I’ll feel taking that first sip of water after surgery. That first bite of jello. That first day home.

I am excited. I’m ready to Get on My Way!

It truly is a commitment. Today is the Day. For life.

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