“Success is Process, a Quality of Mind and a Way of Being, an Outgoing Affirmation of Life.” 
 –Alex Noble

This whole process – and I do realize it’s silly that by “whole” I’m talking about the last four days – has been interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot of what brought me to this space, this procedure, this time, this action.

Leadership expert and author, John C. Maxwell, says there are three components to communication. And, having worked in communications they came to mind: Thought > Emotion > Action. Connecting principles in a continuous loop. They can be used to describe other situations. Mine current one, for example.

So when I began to reflect on my current journey I was wondering, how did I finally get to this particular “action?” Certainly in years past I have taken my thoughts and emotions of being healthier and turned them in to an action by joining Weight Watchers (3 times), Jenny Craig (lost 80 pounds and gained them all back), going through the Cabbage Diet or the Grapefruit Diet – all of which reverted me back to Emotion and until it was all just a fleeting Thought.

It truly can be a vicious cycle.

When completing all the paperwork necessary to be considered for this surgery I had to check off all the various diets I had completed throughout my lifetime, the amount of weight lost and how long it stayed off.  And, it was a long, long list. Two pages actually. I was floored by the number of diets I had been on. Truly amazed how many times I turned thought in to emotion, in to action. But, each time reverting back to the beginning, having gained what I lost… and then some.

That’s the epitome of yo-yo dieting. It’s clear definition.

So, why now? Can’t say that this was an immediate idea. My doctor had mentioned it a few years back. I’d circle around the thought, emotion and action of looking in to the procedure. Insurance wouldn’t cover it at the time. And, really I had been successful with previous diets – so, let’s just return to Thought mode.

This really is a process. Thought > Emotion > Action.

Going through the reasons behind my decision has become a process. Keeping track of my nutritional intake is becoming a process. The surgery just makes it all real. The surgery will become a tool to remind me that sliding back will only cause discomfort and pain. Real, not just emotional.

And, that too is a process.

Success is a process.

One I’m ready for.

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