“I Love the Smell of Possibility in the Morning”

My daughter had a photo shoot on Cherokee Street this morning. Big deal, right? Allow me to explain this significance.

Cherokee Street is a wonderfully diverse area of St. Louis that hosts wonderfully diverse restaurants. From Mexican bakeries and taquerias to wood-fired pizzas at Yaqui’s and sweet and savory waffles at The Melt. Just a great place for great food.

My family and I love going to Cherokee Street – we call it “Mexico.” It’s normally a treat!

Today is my second liquid diet day in preparation for surgery next week. And, boy was it difficult to be on Cherokee Street this morning. Not such a treat as it has been visiting Cherokee Street today as in the past.

I did come prepared. I had my protein shake with me. I had my huge tub of water with me. I knew my jello was just a ride home away. But, nothing prepared me for the smell.

Science says that the sense of smell brings about the strongest memories. And it was the smells alone that had me weak in the knees this morning.

The glorious smell wafting up to the loft from the restaurant below. Take a deep, long sniff. You can taste what you smell. Someone was smoking something delicious preparing for the lunch crowd and it was killing me. I felt like Mickey floating toward the smokey smell that seems to grab him by the nostrils. Here I am floating above the ground, taking in the smell with every deep breath in – that is until I willed myself back to reality.

It was tough. But then I realized. This is where the possibility of the future starts.

I’m on a journey. It may only be the second day of my journey but I am ON MY WAY. And, it is going to be tough.

I have centered my life around food for so long that even the smell of food had a grip on me. When really life should be centered around ME!

There will be other smells – popcorn, my mother’s cooking, my dad’s biscuits. But each one will be a reminder of my journey to a healthier life. And, I will take in the smell with each breath and think of the wonderful possibilities that are yet to come.

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