Not gonna lie. This first day of clear liquids was hard. My tummy growled and acted up all day reminding me that food was nearby.

And, trying to down at least 60 grams of protein is not as easy as you may think. Especially since it is disguised as a “chocolate shake.”

Don’t let them fool you. I’ve had chocolate shakes and it doesn’t taste anywhere near like the chocolate shakes I know.

But, I do know there is a good reason for this step in my journey. I have to purge the toxins from my body to prepare it for surgery in 5 days. My stomach has been filled with so much junk throughout my lifetime I’m surprised it will only take 5 days to ready it to be cut down to 1/4 of it’s size.

So, I’m off. I have to track my food intake – if you call sugar free jello “food.”

I got this. One day down. The rest of my life to go!

Off to drink my last “chocolate shake” of the day.

Maybe if I drink it out of a straw…..

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